02 November 2010

NYCC 2010 :: Toys, Toys, Toys!

I know I'm over two weeks late, BUT so much was flying around about the Comicon aftermath that even I got overwhelmed. And rightfully so ... it was an AMAZINGLY jam packed time of yummy comic & anime goodness!
DISCLAIMER: These blog posts ONLY highlight some of our most obsessive finds :: In THREE parts (meeting artists/art finds, lots of oversized plush, & the costumes ... even I dressed up!) on this trip. The rest of the pics will be available for look-sees on our FB Fan Page as early as Wednesday when the LAST post is up. There ARE some contests sprinkled in the posts ... so read up & email answers toipbrand@artistic-sole.com

Of COURSE I'm a fan of the oversized plush. It's comfy multi-purpose collectibles. Who WOULD NOT any of these to be ready around the house for gaming, reading, or just lounging .. 
Ok So this is someone's costume but an over-sized Domo in my house would be a WIN! 
I'm a huge fan & for the individual who can email me Domo's origin ... there'll be a $200 tattoo gift certificate in your future!
Here are some other cool & awesome toys & toy displays ...
I'm also a huge fan of something of these forthcoming figurines ... 
Answer right & GUESS WHAT!
 there'll be a $200 tattoo gift certificate in your future!

Please be sure to email ANY & all answers to ipbrand@artistic-sole.com

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