26 August 2010

DECKED OUT's Coming!

Come join Sole Of The City as we celebrate a night of skateboard culture with art and music at The Fridge Gallery in Eastern Market. Decked Out will offer a first hand look at the upcoming documentary, The New Grind.

The show will feature artwork from skateboarder Eric Johnson, Cey Adams, Imani K. Brown, Shaymar Higgs, Charles Jean Pierre, Bat and the youth of CentroNia charter school. DJ Undadog will be on the 1's and 2's.

We are asking for a suggested donation of $10. All proceeds will be used for completion of the film.

Go HERE for more info & c'mon OUT!

25 August 2010

It's Always A GREAT Day @ Spaghetti Project

We spent the day handling art with our best friends at Spaghetti Project. We got a chance to secure Kid Robot's Dunny 2010 series (an entire box!) & had an opening party to spend quality time before Spaghetti moves to Richmond, VA (lawd noooooooo! don't leave me. whatever will I do! ... No SERIOUSLY!)

Anyway, here are the pics of my newest collection additions.

~je t'adore!

Location:1025 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, VA

24 August 2010

Latest Tattoos

Obey mash-up piece :: 3 original Obey pieces :: 1 custom tattoo

A memorial piece including the badge & elements of the family's coat of arms

~je t'adore!

20 August 2010


We took a mid-day inspiration break & hit up some local streets of DC!

~je t'adore!

Random Acts of Goodness

My first customer of the day put me in rather high spirits as she jolted & stopped me right as I was about to start her tattoo ... All to say "How are you today?" ...
WTF? Right ... LOL
Her logic is that people get so wrapped up in themselves & what we have to do that we forget to give a little of ourselves to get something in return.
Just that random act of kindness put a smile on my face.

Oscar brought a new friend to the shop to meet me because he felt like I'd appreciate his message ... So, he gave me this message ...

Up late organizing ...

... My phone & died laughing at this picture of Sophie C'est La Vie's mannequin ...

They made it say "Ooohhhhhmmmmmmm"

Randomness, I know LOL
~je t'adore!

19 August 2010

I was on Obey's site ...

...  I found a pic of the tattoo I did ... it's titled "Peace Within Peace

Can you say "Sexcited!"
 ~je t'adore!

18 August 2010


ARTISTIC SOLE: BUY Our Yumminess: "These fine limited edition prints based on the MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy can be purchased at our local Etsy Shop. Limited Edition prints ..."

Peep the page or just go straight to ETSY! ... Either way, Dope art at a fair price!

~je t'adore!

14 August 2010


Sorry for the late notice folks but our extended family, Sleeper Cell, throwing this AWESOME event! Come party, party, party ... Let's ALL get wasted!
Click the pic below for more info!
Remember to :: 
"Bike for Awareness! Dance for Relief!"

~je t'adore!

13 August 2010

Thank you ATLANTA! Now on to NYC!

THANK YOU for an amazing time Atlanta!

Here's what happened with the little random tattoos I got to do on Sophie C'est La Vie & Samba Sillah of City of Ink

What's Next? ... NYC STAND UP!

Come out to the GREEN SHOW tomorrow!

For more info or to RSVP, visit The GREEN SHOW's site -or- Mano a Mano

12 August 2010

TEMPORIUM's Final Weekend

BOOM! After a great & funfilled week at Temporium LAST weekend ... Here's what we decided about doing it again...

Come check out Artistic Sole as we rep at DC's finest pop-up shop, Temporium DC

See what it's all about ...

See yah there! 
~je t'adore!