The Creative House of ARTISTIC SOLE is comprised of a group of “creatives” who collaborate with a common goal of creating art for the PEOPLE. Encompassing the idea and spirit of low/new brow art; even the classically trained artists within Artistic Sole push the limits by thinking outside of the box. At the forefront of Artistic Sole’s current movement is the MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy. The alter ego of Artistic Sole’s visionary, Imani K. Brown, Indian Pussy was originally created and gifted by a good friend and fellow artist, TokyoXIII, in 2004.

Indian Pussy is committed to providing some of the best imagery in street art, customized goodies, inspired pieces and tattoos! She, like I.K.B., is dedicating her livelihood to creating and artistically serving the people – all of you, YES, YOU! And now, the MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy, is the digital comic created by a group of high school friends turned pro-artists. The comic is a true representation of how art imitates life through the viewpoint of animal characters based on the personalities and actions of Artistic Sole’s collective members, family, and friends. Through the MISS-Adventures, the reader is captivated by the behind the scenes look at the Artistic Sole movement – progressively growing both personally and artistically.

The Artistic Sole fashion line, DOPAMINE, is created in the spirit of Indian Pussy and her infectious happiness and excitement to artistically conquer the world. In bringing the line’s product to life, the creative team has taken note that Indian Pussy is a custom, DIY, make-it-your-own kind of kitty. To stay true to that the garments are simple playful pieces with very little patterns that allows for all the accessories that can take any outfit from Urban to Chic in 0.2 seconds. It’s truly the essence of staying true to you, presenting a level of confidence, individuality, and creativity.