05 November 2010

NO! I'm NOT a fan of Hello Kitty! ... (But I WILL confess!)

So I decided to blog about the pic TokyoXIII took of me while we were chilling in my studio. Someone's going to see this & say "I KNEW she was lying about being a Hello Kitty fan!" This photo was a PURE coincidence.
That TOO was a gift. It was in a big pack of Hello Kitty goodness from last Christmas thanks to a good friend who knew that some of the simplest things ammuse me.

Really, here's my Hello Kitty confession. I think she's a MARVELOUS character. YES, I am a fan & respect her hustle LOL ... she's a simplistic character who can be passed around to artists to artistically abuse in their own way. Her look is timeless & can contribute to the artists' branding & vice versa.
Just look at the work that TokiDoki (of which I own the iPhone case AND wallet AND some plush btw), Tara McPherson, & Kimora Lee Simmons have done for the brand ... from kid to chic in 0.2 seconds everyone can recognize her swag from lightyears away. 
Aside from that her happiness is infectious so it's hard NOT to love her. I want so much for Indian Pussy to be the "Hello Kitty of the States" ... Who knows! maybe they can be friends & rock out together! 

Don't believe me, go play on Sanrio's Three Apples site or just Google her ;-D

So who WOULDN'T be a fan? There you have it!

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