29 April 2012

iPukeKAWAiI Propaganda

With my third iPukeKAWAiI installation & Solo Show approaches, I'm happy to give you sneak peaks   of what's  in store! Stickers, tees, and tattoo inkplay will ALL be on deck! 
Illustration by IKB
Sticker Design by MisterSoul216

Illustration by IKB
Spring MISS-Adventures photography by PhotoLeer

Inkplay & Illustration by IKB,
Original MISS-Adventure created by make-up artist, Kelly Crown, photography by Unconscious_I

stay tuned ... be inspired ... ASK ME ANYTHING! 
~je t'adore!

16 April 2012

City of Ink's "Miya Bailey": Tattoo Artist: Imani K. Brown

This one's a THROW BACK!

City of Ink's "Miya Bailey": Tattoo Artist: Imani K. Brown: We have been working with Imani Brown & Pinz-n-Needlez for 4 years now... And she has grown to be my lil sister...I have watched her grow ...

10 April 2012

I am ... ONE Eighty ONE

This guy! Last but not least, is among my all time favorite people on the face of this earth! He's more than a fellow art hooligan, I absolutely adore being able to call him my friend. When we met, we did live art collab skate decks at one of our art homes, Spaghetti Prject. People thought we'd known each other forever, when in fact, we'd met just that night ... But who'd have known how this art love affair'd grow!

Always yelling 'I am one eighty one' & going on and on about rap leters ... he's true to this art game!

Tim Rodgers

We've followed each other on twitter & facebook and have I don't know how many friends and art hooligans in common, but I'd never had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the work until this year at G40. And boyyyyyyy was I NOT let down. There are so many ways to describe Tim Rodgers, but humble suits him best. I so enjoyed the fresh paint smell and bright colors in his room. My installation, only a few feet away, I figured would be a-ok without me in it so I could enjoy what Tim has to say. 

Be sure to check him out for yourself!

Sylvia Ortiz :: The Beautifully Grotesque

First up is Sylvia Ortiz ... She's a fellow artist, friend, & homegirl! We don't get to see each other much, but I sah-wear ... art, beer, and a few spray cans with her = HEAVEN! Be sure to check out her site!

G40 Installation Goodness

So, one thing that's hard about being an artist in shows is trying to see all of the other art! ... I mean, that's generally where the inspiration lies, right?! Well, G40 is ginormous this year and having to talk to people about my art, I didn't make it very far that night. BUT I can't say that where my installation is housed didn't have some pretty KICK A$$ installations, that I think my me a tiny bit green. LOL Naw, these artists kicked raw booty as they shared their art in some unique and fun fashions. ... and it was enough to make me wanna hide out in their spaces instead of being in my own *giggle*

Though I plan on making a day trip down to see more of G40 & share, of course ...
I can't let a moment pass without sharing the goodness of Sylvia Ortiz, Tim Rodgers, & 181

stay tuned~
je t'adore!

05 April 2012

'It's MY Party & I Puke if I Want To' Installation Prepping

We've just finishing installing another installation for this season "It's MY PARTY & K Puke if I Want To". This room, filled with the MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy, is to be among the feaured installations at Art Whino's G40, opening Friday, April 6 8-11pm in Richmond, VA.

Be sure to check out artwhino.com for more G40 deets! >^.^< ✌

<3 ~je t'adore!

We've Moved the KICKSTARTER Party ...

Good morning!

Today's the last day of y quite ambitous Kikcstarter goal. Unfortunately, I didn't do so well. BUT that's NOT to say that it wasn't a learning experience or that I won't be at iit again. BUT, for now there are a bit more pressing things ... painting for iPUKE KAWAiI show!!

As some of you know, I am still panhandling to help make my dreams come true for this solo exhibit. As a result, I have reactivated my blog to keep in contact and give some updates as my site is being rebuilt.

My hope is that you'll see something here that will make you believe in my art & donate to a great cause of sharing it on a larger scale. I have done two mini installations and will soon blog about those so you can see where allllll of this is going. There's also NEW work to be shared! I'm excited about it and I hope you will be too.

But for now, here we are. I hope you'll check back often as there WILL be updates, not just until May 11, but even past that. ;-D

All my love!
<3 IKB