The MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy is a real life account of the life of artist, Imani K. Brown, close friends, business associates - & the inspirations, ideas, & plain ol' goofyness behind it all. IKB does a LOT as an artist - from tattoos, to customized goods, to fine art ... you name it (artistically) & she's probably dabbled in it. 
In the sincerest hopes of branding all that she does, we've decided to start with a cohesive solo exhibit, iPukeKAWAiI, of her past and most recent works. Dedicated to finding her artistic voice, IKB is ready to move forward in introducing her art and concepts to the world.
as a (BRAND) ... Though Gunter toootallllllyyyy cut off Indian Pussy telling the world, formally, about her brand, here's what you missed.
"INDIAN PUSSY as a brand is a CREATION for the JUXTAPOSED at heart. She PAINTS days BRIGHT with fun, playful ART that mixes the ornate styles of the ROCOCO period with the grittiness of STREET art . She offers a world of INKPLAY (custom tattooing), art, and COLLECTIBLES … all while puking KAWAiI!"
Let Indian Pussy Brand PAINT YOUR DAY BRIGHT!
I mean, what more could you ask for?"
(THE SHOW) iPukeKAWAiI is scheduled to take place at City of Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery, in Atlanta, GA. On Friday, May 11th, the walls of this shop will be lined with a FULL installation bringing all of IKB's under one roof. Among this installation will original wall art on wood planks, photojournalism by (fellow Artistic Sole Collective members) of IKB's custom tattoo inkplay and documentation of MISS-Adventures that keep her inspired, custom painted munnies and other DIY toys, roller skates, old school gaming pads & more!
(KAWAiI) We want EVERYONE to join in as IKB (through Indian Pussy) finds herself puking Kawaii. What's that you ask? As a female artist, in a male dominated industry, IKB often revisits what it is to be a female in such a world - without losing dignity, self respect, or sight of what she's working towards. So inspired by Japanese culture and fashion, she learns everyday how to be cute and ladylike, keeping most feminine ways in tact, and still getting the job done as well (if not better) than ANY man. She wants, sincerely, to share these adopted ideas and ways with other females in the tattoo/ arts industry and men associated with these ladies or even the industry. It'll help them understand why we like to wear pink, say 'oooh' to shiny things, & can still make business happen! The puking part happens naturally ... as we become more vulnerable and open to sharing our creativity with the world.
(THE INSTALLATION) The hardest part of this show is LITERALLY recreating the space that IKB has created as her living/ work space. We get to take the City of Ink space and her ideal playland & over exaggerate by a GAZILLION! Complete with Lolita fashion, cupcakes, confetti, sparkles, sprinkles, and more, what show attendees will enter is  the hyper active, inner workings of IKB's head ... also known as Indian Pussy's play-land. Of course, this is where we ask for help in creating such a production, transporting art
(A MILLION THANKS) isn't enough as we start to introduce creative concepts and build a brand. Making the 'iPukeKAWAiI' show a reality is our FIRST major milestone in letting the world know that IKB has found her artistic voice and is ready to move forward.

Though we're taking donations, we want to find a solid way to say WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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