05 April 2012

We've Moved the KICKSTARTER Party ...

Good morning!

Today's the last day of y quite ambitous Kikcstarter goal. Unfortunately, I didn't do so well. BUT that's NOT to say that it wasn't a learning experience or that I won't be at iit again. BUT, for now there are a bit more pressing things ... painting for iPUKE KAWAiI show!!

As some of you know, I am still panhandling to help make my dreams come true for this solo exhibit. As a result, I have reactivated my blog to keep in contact and give some updates as my site is being rebuilt.

My hope is that you'll see something here that will make you believe in my art & donate to a great cause of sharing it on a larger scale. I have done two mini installations and will soon blog about those so you can see where allllll of this is going. There's also NEW work to be shared! I'm excited about it and I hope you will be too.

But for now, here we are. I hope you'll check back often as there WILL be updates, not just until May 11, but even past that. ;-D

All my love!
<3 IKB

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