10 April 2012

G40 Installation Goodness

So, one thing that's hard about being an artist in shows is trying to see all of the other art! ... I mean, that's generally where the inspiration lies, right?! Well, G40 is ginormous this year and having to talk to people about my art, I didn't make it very far that night. BUT I can't say that where my installation is housed didn't have some pretty KICK A$$ installations, that I think my me a tiny bit green. LOL Naw, these artists kicked raw booty as they shared their art in some unique and fun fashions. ... and it was enough to make me wanna hide out in their spaces instead of being in my own *giggle*

Though I plan on making a day trip down to see more of G40 & share, of course ...
I can't let a moment pass without sharing the goodness of Sylvia Ortiz, Tim Rodgers, & 181

stay tuned~
je t'adore!

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