15 October 2010

Adventures in the A , Part 2 :: GOOD ART FINDS


This post is ALL visual stimulation so there are very little words. Good luck figuring this out!

We found this yummy mural that I couldn't resist for OBVIOUS reasons while finding parking for Good Eats in Little 5 Points.
Art is EVERYwhere in Little 5 ... from boutique-type storefronts to large PBR propaganda murals ...
... to the Creative Loafing stand ...
And my work precedes me as Indian Pussy decides to hang out (literally) in the Kid Robot booth at The City of Ink.
Well! Those are Atlanta's Good Art Finds I absolutely enjoyed while kicking it in the A. Be sure to follow us on Twitter & check out many pics that were not posted here in our Atlanta 2010 album on our FAN PAGE.

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