15 October 2010

Adventures in the A , Part 1 :: GOOD EATS

It's been at least a month since a blog post & WE ARE  SORRY. But we've been running ragged to bring you some cool content. There's tons of goodies, gems, & finds, on our travels to Atlanta during CAU Homecoming. As an Alum, I went & tattooed ... but never made it to any campus activities.

Instead, we made adventures of our own ... On the DAILY!
So we're sharing some of our greatest daily gems that we didn't get to twitpic with you! 
... Since there was soooo much this is PART ONE to this blog series of FOUR Parts ... 

Be sure to click through on some of the links for upcoming events or places you should visit TOO!

This has NOTHING to do with food, but shameless plugs never hurt NOBODY!
I brought some work to finish up since they were due in ATL anyway. Here's a sneak preview of my GO GREEN kicks for SolePlus Presents Art+Sole+Life 'Sneaker Art With A Conscience' 


SAVAGE PIZZA in Little 5 Points
In my traditional travels since relocating from Atlanta, I make it a point to stop by first thing in & last thing out to say hello & goodbye to the good folks here! They've got comics everywhere, large posters, hanging collectible vinyl figures AND most important, Pizza & CRAFT BEER!
Such a nerd's paradise for good eats & visual stimulation.

Starting new traditions with special people in The A is a fulfilling experience. This is the second time we've visited The VORTEX in Little 5 Points in my recent travels there & something tells me it's far from the last! YUMMIES!
I mean, who wouldn't love a table outfitted with beer & Dali!
RAGING BURRITO in Decatur "Where it's Greater" is the ONLY restaurant to date where I'm always undecided of what to get. 
The waitress said with their options for their regular burrito Alone you have over 7,000 choices to make your own. That's like the choices for customizing a Mini Cooper *EEEK*!
A local place to get good grub when tattooing at The City of Ink, I can count on brews & pizza at SLICE. My dinner date, a good friend from Jaspects (be sure to follow them on Twitter & get hip!), left a "tip" that they should add to their hip ambiance with over-sized mason jars of pork rinds, boiled eggs, & pickled pig feet.
Seriously, I don't think that suggestion ever made it to management.
Well! Those are Atlanta's Good Eats when I'm chilling at The City of Ink. Be sure to follow us on Twitter & check out many pics that were not posted here in our Atlanta 2010 album on our FAN PAGE.

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